Q: What documents do I need to have ready when applying for a mortgage?

A: Good question! You should at least have:

  1. If you and your spouse are applying for the loan, social security numbers for both you and your spouse.
  2. The two most recent pay stubs for each member applying for the loan and currently working.
  3. Copies of your checking and savings account statements for the past 2 months.
  4. Evidence of any other assets like bonds or stocks.
  5. Copies of your most recent 2 years worth of W2’s and/or 1099’s.
  6. Copies of your most recent 2 full years tax returns (all pages and schedules).
  7. If you are self-employed, speak with your Loan Officer as some items listed here may not apply and other may.
  8. Depending on your lender, you may be asked for other information/documents too.